LA Serendipity Vineyards

Enjoy Wines Made from Quality Louisiana Grapes


Your Source for Exceptional American-Made Wines

LA Serendipity Vineyards in Bush, Louisiana has been making great-tasting white wines since 2008. As one of the few vineyards in the state, we strive to produce products that will satisfy your palette whether you’re a beginning wine drinker or an experienced enthusiast. We also welcome guests to visit our facility so they could fully appreciate the craft that goes into making every bottle.

Selection of Wines

Our winery produces different variety of white wines. All of our wines are made with the finest grapes grown in our vineyard. They are also aged and bottled in-house.

Focused on Making the Best Possible Wine

We take pride in making high-quality wines using grapes we grew and equipment that we’ve meticulously maintained. Our team takes every step to ensure that each aspect of the winemaking process is done to produce the highest quality wine possible.


Visit Our Vineyard

We’d love for you to come by and visit, give us a call today to schedule an appointment.